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It is already for the seventh time, that the exhibition for suppliers and distributors of raw materials, equipment and testing instruments to the paint industry and corrosion protection, and also for institutions engaged in research and development, consultancy and quality assurance related to the paint industry and corrosion protection, will be organized jointly by the Hungarian Chemical Society, the Research Institute for Paint Industry Ltd. and the Hungarian Federation of Corrosion.

Along with the exhibition, under the professional tuition of the Research Institute for Paint Industry Ltd, with the kind support of the Hungarian Federation of Corrosion and the participating industrial players, lectures will be organized on the latest development results in the field of paints and corrosion protection, and on the practical problems of paint application, in the following sections:
Raw materials - Advanced technologies - Measurements, tests - Environment protection, legislative regulation - Marketing, trends of development.


Participation in the HUNGAROCOAT-HUNGAROCORR exhibition and in the connected conference offers you the following benefits:

  • A good opportunity for the efficient discussion and clearification of technical issues and problems.
  • An excellent opportunity to build new business connections or to re-build older connections.

We hope to welcome you among the Participants!

Kind regards from 

János Bognár
  Chairman of the Organising Committee
Lívia Molnár-Nagy
  Co-chairman of the Organising Committee